Hi, I’m Aman.
A web and app designer, who loves to create new things.

I am a 23 year old guy, living out of the city of Mumbai, India. By the day, I make websites and apps. At night and on weekends, I like to learn a wide variety of skills, be it dabbling with music making software or creating 3D art.

I also love creating digital things. Previously, I have co-founded a habit building app (Dopamine Biscuit), and created an icon kit that magically turns text to icons (SMPLKit).

This website is where I write down my ideas, share travel logs and give a sneak peek into whatever I am working on at that time.

In the meanwhile, you can sift through my blog, which should be more populated when you are reading it. If not, please give this procrastinator some more time.


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